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The Tipple

at The Greenhead Hotel, Bar & Restaurant

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Our Beer

We have a selection of local ales available throughout the year, alongside a range of well known lagers, stouts and bitters.

We pride ourselves on sourcing our hand pull ales no more than 30 miles away from our doorstep. With our selection of ales changing every couple of weeks to keep up with new selections offered by our local breweries


Our Wine Selection

Our wine selection has been hand picked by our team to offer guests the perfect tipple to accompany their meal, or to enjoy on its own.



Our seasonal 'Aperitifs' meaning a pre-meal drink to stimulate your appetite, can be found on the top of our evening menus or bar specials board, alongside this, our more traditional aperitifs are listed in our drinks menu all year round.

But don't worry, these can also be enjoyed without a meal!